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Do you recycle, compost, xeriscape, use rain barrels? Would you like to learn how? Are you interested in organic and locally grown produce but cannot find it? Do you admire the fabulous tree canopy in Norcross? Ever wondered how to certify your yard as a Wildlife Habitat? Are you concerned about the quantity and quality of our water? Is it better to use paper or plastic bags at the grocery? What natural products are safe but effective? Ever considered sustainable alternatives for flooring, clothing and other products? Where can you discard old electronics?

Well, let’s learn together.

Starting a new organization can be a daunting task. Then an online training manual advised:

"Don’t wait - Get started without funding, expertise, or fear of adverse consequences.

Seek useful resources - Information on the web, in literature, in the community, in person, from experts.

Seek ways to scale up - Transform successful solutions into a movement of local significance.

Have fun projects – enjoy doing. Your efforts can result in important benefits, and you can have a good time while you’re at it!"

And that is exactly what a group of like minded citizens did. The organizational meeting was held June 1, 2008 and we've been busy ever since.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tonight, Be a Part of a Worldwide Event While Dining by Candlelight – Really!

Zapata Restaurant in Downtown Historic Norcross is planning to turn off all non-essential lighting tonight for Earth Hour, starting at 8:30 p.m. local time. Earth Hour is an event in which millions of Americans will turn out their lights for one hour in support of action on climate change and toward creating a cleaner, safer and more secure future.

According to an article in the Friday, March 26th issue of The Gwinnett Forum, (gwinnettforum.com) the year 2010 marks the third year of the event, which attracted more than 80 million participants in the U.S. last year, and nearly a billion people around the world, as lights dimmed on such global icons as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney's Opera House, the Great Pyramids of Gaza and New York's Empire State Building. Notable U.S. landmarks will turn off non-essential lighting for the hour, in what is expected to be the largest-ever call to action on climate change. This includes Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, St. Louis' Gateway Arch, Sea World in Orlando, the strip in Las Vegas, New York's Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Washington D.C.'s National Cathedral, California's Santa Monica Pier and the Space Needle in Seattle. It is expected to be the largest-ever call to action on climate change. According to resident DeeAnn Morton who experienced this event in a Decatur restaurant last year, “It’s really a lot of fun – it’s a neat experience at the restaurant, and then to know you’re part of something that is happening all over the world at that very moment.”

Zapata will be offering candlelight dining tonight; in addition, customers can recycle aluminum cans on site (courtesy of Sustainable Norcross), and enjoy sustainability educational information offered by Yazkin Lopez, the Sustainable Norcross volunteer who organized tonight’s event at Zapata. And then at 8:30, it’s lights out worldwide for an hour! The perfect setting for a delicious candlelight dinner.

Zapata Mexican Restaurant is located at 15 Jones Street in Norcross, 770-248-0052
For a peek at their menu, visit www.zapata-atl.com.

Thanks to Tixie Fowler for this guest blog.

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