What Is Sustainable Norcross?

Do you recycle, compost, xeriscape, use rain barrels? Would you like to learn how? Are you interested in organic and locally grown produce but cannot find it? Do you admire the fabulous tree canopy in Norcross? Ever wondered how to certify your yard as a Wildlife Habitat? Are you concerned about the quantity and quality of our water? Is it better to use paper or plastic bags at the grocery? What natural products are safe but effective? Ever considered sustainable alternatives for flooring, clothing and other products? Where can you discard old electronics?

Well, let’s learn together.

Starting a new organization can be a daunting task. Then an online training manual advised:

"Don’t wait - Get started without funding, expertise, or fear of adverse consequences.

Seek useful resources - Information on the web, in literature, in the community, in person, from experts.

Seek ways to scale up - Transform successful solutions into a movement of local significance.

Have fun projects – enjoy doing. Your efforts can result in important benefits, and you can have a good time while you’re at it!"

And that is exactly what a group of like minded citizens did. The organizational meeting was held June 1, 2008 and we've been busy ever since.

Learn more about us here on our blog or contact us now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

After The Cold Dark Winter Comes The Tantalizing Promise of Spring

My chocolate lab Bosco and I were out digging in the dirt today. Both of us were loving it after experiencing cabin fever from the recent cold, wintry, snowy, slushy days. Yes, they had a beauty and special-ness of their own, but I really like Spring. It is my favorite time of the year. Even if this turns out to be just a tease, and we revert to more cold weather before Spring is here to transition us to Summer, I will seize the opportunity these spring-like days bring.

What about you? There are many opportunities to seize. Opportunities to do something different. Opportunities to start afresh, change course, learn a new way. Opportunities to make a difference, do something worthwhile, be a part of your community. Sustainable Norcross and sibling organizations offer many such opportunities close to home.

Friday March 13 from 11 – 1 attend the Lunch and Learn “Food for Thought” at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC). Find out what Sustainable Norcross, The Whistle Stop Farmer’s Market and Sustainable Peachtree Corners are up to.

Join your neighbors and friends at the Sustainable Norcross Open House on Monday March 23 from 7 – 9 PM at Norcross Cultural Arts and Community Center Ballroom (NCACC). Learn how your organization can borrow the new Away From Home Event Recycling bins to prevent waste from going to landfills. Find out about sustainable initiatives you can implement at home, work and play. Discover what your City is doing to become a certified Green Community. Volunteer for service projects that enhance our environment. Explore topics you’d like to know more about or share your expertise.

Sign up now for The Sustainable Pantry class at Dunwoody Nature Center on Saturday March 28 from 10-12 taught by Sustainable Peachtree Corners Founder Robin Fosdick.
For just one hour on Saturday March 28 from 8:30 to 9:30 PM participate in Earth Hour. Turn off all possible lights to save energy and demonstrate what one small action by many people working together can do to help save the planet.

Monday March 30 from 10:45 – 12 Save Money and Go Green at the local YMCA as the Sustainable U series continues, presented by Sustainable Peachtree Corners.

Saturday April 18 assist with recycling at the Corners to Crossing Road Race, Musicfest and Street Dance. To volunteer contact sustainablenorcross@gmail.com.

Friday April 24 help Sustainable Norcross provide a display and event recycling at City Hall as the city participates in Georgia Cities Week and Earth Day activities.

Attend Sustainable Norcross Open House at NCACC on Monday April 27, 7 - 9 PM featuring Event Recycling and other sustainable actions and activities just for you.

So many opportunities. And this just gets us through April and the promise of Spring.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You Are Invited

Yep, it’s time for our Open House/Birthday Bash/New Year/Coming - Out Party, as promised.

Please join us on Monday March 23 at Norcross Cultural Arts and Community Center (NCACC) in the ballroom from 7 – 9 PM. Help Sustainable Norcross celebrate our first, and very active, year of working together “preserving our future by living smarter today”.

We especially hope to see those of you who plan events for your civic group, school, house of worship, youth, community or other local organization. Learn how to reserve and use the special equipment available from the City through the Away From Home Event Recycling Grant award. Be part of the solution that offers a convenient way to continue your participants’ recycling habit while away from home. Keep pounds of materials out of the landfills and in to new products that we use everyday. Do more than imagine Norcross a sustainable city, help make it happen! Come see how.

Recycling is not the only path to the triple bottom line benefits that occur when concern for people, planet and profit intersects. Although the topic of recycling and waste reduction is one of the top two areas of interest identified by early participants in Sustainable Norcross. And because of that, at the Open House we will be showcasing some additional ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. But we will also be giving sneak previews of other initiatives.

The other area in the top two is your interest in our food supply. Having a safe, local, ever renewing, fresh, convenient supply of healthy food choices is right up there on your list. And with recent food supply contamination issues again in the news, it’s a great time to join us as we explore alternatives.

And even though you don’t eat grass (directly) (I hope), come find out about the 1000 Healthy Lawns Challenge with our sibling organization Sustainable Peachtree Corners. Together we can have a huge impact on the air we breathe, the drinking water supply, the indirect food chain and our personal indoor and outdoor environments by reducing our pesticide use. Come see how lady bugs are leading the way.

Learn what’s on tap. Help prepare for upcoming City sponsored events. Be a part of the partnership to become certified by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) as a Green Community. Come make a difference. And par-dee with us.

Oh, and do remember to donate your unopened party paper goods for us to use at this and future Sustainable Norcross events. See the January 30 posting on this blog. Contact sustainablenorcross@gmail.com for drop off locations.

Par-dee Par-dee. Par-dee!